We welcome both EGCC and non-EGCC members to advertise either on our web site, in our Rider newsletter and/or with a trade stand at one of our events.  Please note all prices quoted are subject to change.

Guidelines for EGCC Members

Selling Personal Equipment


If you are a EGCC member selling horsey items (new/used/unwanted) or wanting to buy items for personal use you can place as many advertisements as you wish at no cost.

Promoting Your Business


If you wish to promote products/services that you run as a business then the following applies.


You are not able to advertise products/services of friends - it must be your own personal business in order to be advertised for free on our site/newsletter.

You are able to

1. Place one 1/4 page advertisement in Rider each year.

2. Have an image ad of the size 400 x 250 placed on our website and with a link back to your website for one calendar month each year.

3. Place a four line text ad in every edition of Rider - this text ad could include the product/service you are marketing, your contact details and a short testimonial from a satisfied client.

 4. If you are a Club member who is helping on a committee or has provided more than 10 hours of volunteer effort to the Club in the past six months - you may promote your business with a 1/4 page ad in Rider each edition and have a 400 x 240 ad on our website every month.

Guidelines for Non-EGCC Members (Or EGCC members who have have used their free allocation above)

Paid Advertising


Non EGCC members and EGCC members who have already used their free entitlement (mentioned above) are able to advertise on our site and in Rider for the following amounts:


If you wish to have a tradestand at one of our events the following applies:

EGCC Members - $5

Non-EGCC Members - $25 

Sponsors - Silver Level and above - free

Payment made in advance of the event.

If you wish for a notice to be placed in our draw and programme that you will be at the event an additional $5 applies.

Please contact us for more details.

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