2022 High Points Results

Congratulations to our 2021 High Points Winners!

Awards were presented at the Christmas Party.

The 2022 High Points scores will reset at the commencement of the competition year.

See the below attachments for the latest high points scores.

If you spot any errors or omissions please contact Equestrian Gold Coast Secretary

These will be updated after results from each competition are in.

2021 Winners are as follows:


PREP SENIOR                           Charlotte Cox                           HP Riordan                              

PREP JUNIOR                            No entries                                                                               

PRELIM OPEN                           Rachel Lornie                           Forever Blue  

PRELIM JUNIOR                        Kayla Webb                              F1 Vegas                                  

NOVICE SENIOR                       Tara Crook                                Arabella Rose

NOVICE JUNIOR                        Kimberley Webb                      Dicavalli Decadence  

ELEMENTARY SENIOR             Vicky Hansen                            Gabanna

ELEMENTARY JUNIOR              Zali Young                                 Alta Ego

MEDIUM SENIOR                        Vicky Hansen                            Gabanna  

MEDIUM JUNIOR                        Ella Jacobs                                Kalahari                       

ADVANCED SENIOR                  Caroline Hagar                          Dino


Y/R DSG MOST IMP                   Ella Jacobs                                Kalahari                           

OPEN DSG MOST IMP              Vicky Hansen                            Gabanna



50-60cm Junior                         Bella Wozniak                           Bellisteros                     

50-60cm Senior                        Charlotte Sly                            Magic of Afrika


70-80cm Junior                         Bella Wozniak                           Bellisteros                     

70-80cm Senior                        Vicky Hansen                            Gabanna            


90-1m Junior                           Sophie Shaffer                          Black Layce                    

90-1m Senior                           Blake Jones                              Hermitage                                             

110cm Junior                           Bella Wozniak                           Simply Charged Red                   

110cm Senior                          Shannon Bates                          Full Tilt


120cm Junior                           Ben Bates                                 Something  To Talk About                      

120cm Senior                          Rebecca Bates                          ES Angelica

Y/R JUMP MOST IMP             Bella Wozniak                          Simply Charged Red                 

OPEN JUMP MOST IMP         Till Cordwell                            Breakfast at Tiffany’s                            


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